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SAFA Awareness


The SAFA (Safety Awareness Foreign Aircraft) inspection program is a part of the European Community Safety program. The inspections are executed according the guidance material of the EASA.

SAFA Awareness training
After the training the participants have learnt how to prepare, act en re-act to a SAFA-inspection. The participants will be aware according to which ICAO and EU standards the SAFA inspections are performed. Familiarization with the European directives and rules that are the basis of the SAFA program. Practical description of the way the SAFA program is implemented in the participating countries. How is a SAFA inspection performed, going through all the phases of an inspection.
What to do with the proof of inspection, how to react to the find-ings.Various practical examples will be discussed, to provide you with a better understanding of the philosophy applied in the regulations that helps you improve your performance on the job.
A training shall improve the international view on your company and more important, is cost effective!!

Customized Training
Contact Insight to find out how we can meet your training needs.
A training can be tailor made for your company. Your aircraft types, way of operation and routes can be taken into account.

By Who?
Our trainer has been a licensed engineer for more then 25 years, he was a licensed engineer for various aircraft types, from DC-9 to B777.
As a SAFA inspector he has performed over 600 SAFA-inspections, since 2008 he is also training inspectors and operators in SAFA related items.

For who?
The training is very useful for everybody of your company who can en-counter a SAFA-inspection or is involved in the handling of the findings. This can be flight crew but also handling crew and quality assurance personnel.

Training can be given at Amsterdam Airport or at any location that is convenient for you.

Duration and rates
Duration of the course is 1 day.  Price is on request.  Contact “Insight” for the details.