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Part M


Insight provides training in aviation regulations through Inside specialists or external experts. Training can be provided at the location of your preference. Insight provides standard courses. If you have any specific requirements, Insight is more than happy to provide courses customized to your needs.

Continuing airworthiness training

  • Do you feel caught by surprise during audits?
  • Do you feel uneasy in discussions about regulatory compliance?
  • Do you feel like a victim of regulations, rather than in control?
  • Do you feel reluctance to implement changes for fear of non-compliance?
  • Do you feel like aviation regulations are hindering efficiency?

If this applies to you, then Insight can help you with training. Courses can be taken for any position in a continuing airworthiness management organization, maintenance organization, or aviation authority airworthi-ness department.

These courses provide insight in the regulation structure and philosophy and how the various requirements interlink and how they link with your specific duties and responsibilities. Various alternative means of comply-ing with the regulations are discussed, to provide you with a better un-derstanding of the philosophy applied in the regulations and what is re-quired for compliance. More importantly, you are provided with practical information which helps you improve your performance on the job and use the regulations to your advantage.

Contact Insight to find out how we can meet your training needs.

For who?
Maintenance Planners, engineers, auditors, Airworthiness Review Staff, inspectors of the aviation authorities, aircraft owners and anybody in-terested in Continuing Airworthiness Management / Part M.

The training session is in a comfortable hotel at Schiphol-rijk, close to Schiphol (Amsterdam International Airport) or can be provided at the location of your preference

Duration and rates
The initial training takes 2 days.  The continuation training is one day . Price is on request.