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Insight provides training for the aviation industry through Inside specialists or external experts. Training can be provided at the location of your preference.Insight provides standard courses. If you have any specific requirements, Insight is more than happy to provide courses customized to your needs.

The MSG-3 Methodology
The MSG-3 methodology starts before an aircraft enters into service, at the time that in-service operational data is not available for many systems and components. Therefore, many persons with a widely experience are required to determine the best initial maintenance schedule. The members of the board are coming from the authority, airline- and maintenance industry and manufacturers. But it are the working group members who do the detailed analysis and generate proposed scheduled maintenance tasks. The representatives of the working group present from time to time their results to the Industrial Steering Committee (ISC), which assess the outcome. Representatives of the authorities attending the ISC meetings as MRB member under the supervision of the MRB chairman. Ones the proposed scheduled maintenance tasks are accepted by the ISC, the MRB members check the final proposals of the ISC. That outlines the recommended minimum initial maintenance requirements that will be published in the MRB Report. This document will finally be approved by EASA (MRB Chairman). The MSG-3 process provides for tasks, such as lubrication, visual inspections, operational or functional checks, restoration and discard. (Discard refers to removing life-limited parts and replacing them with new ones.)

Training Contents
This two-day training will provide the participant with an general under-standing of the MSG-3 analysis methodology, as it applies to aircraft maintenance programs. Analysis for Systems and Powerplant, Structures and Zonal will pass through the agenda.
The knowledge of the MSG methodology is also essential for the development and optimalization of an aircraft maintenance program (AMP). Don’t do it without!! The training will also help auditors and airworthiness review staff that assess the aircraft documentation.

For who?
Maintenance Planners, engineers, auditors, Airworthiness Review Staff, inspectors of the aviation authorities, aircraft owners and anybody interested in the MSG-3 methodology.

The training session is in a comfortable hotel at Schiphol-rijk, close to Schiphol (Amsterdam International Airport) or can be provided at the location of your preference

Duration and rates
Duration of the course is 2 day.  Price is on request.  Contact “Insight” for the details.