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Import an aircraft into the EU


Insight provides training in aviation regulations through Inside specialists or external experts. After the training the participants know how to import/transfer an aircraft into or within Europe. The training provide insight in the regulation struc-ture and philosophy and how the various requirements interlink and how they must be implemented. Who is doing what? What is allowed and what isn’t? Which organisation may do import/acceptance inspections?

Import an aircraft into the EU
Part 21, subpart H and Part M. The training will focus on the require-ments of an import into the EU or a transfer within the EU from an EASA member state to another. The seminar uses a combination of lectures and workshops. Typical scenarios are used in the workshops to ensure participants understand the practical application of the regulations. The training make you aware of the National requirements that ensure that you are able to import / transfer an aircraft without unnecessary delays.

Customized Training
Contact Insight to find out how we can meet your training needs. A training can be tailored made for your company. Your aircraft types, way of operation and routes can be taken into account.

By Who?
The seminar will be presented by Stef Loup and/or Ronald Prins. They have been Airworthiness Inspectors at the Aviation Authorities for many years and implemented this part of the EU regulations into the Nether-lands. They imported hundreds of aircraft and performed many physical and aircraft document checks.

For who?
For aircraft owners and operators, personnel of organisation involved with importing aircraft and inspectors of the authorities.

The training session is in a comfortable hotel at Schiphol-rijk, close to Schiphol (Amsterdam International Airport) or can be provided at the location of your preference.

Duration and rates
Duration of the course is 1 day.  Price is on request.  Contact “Insight” for the details.